Hiking injury in New Mexico and the acupuncture remedy

We have returned from yet another vacation in New Mexico. Those of you who know me are well aware of my connection and love for that part of the country. My husband, Herman and I are lucky and blessed to be able to travel there once or twice a year. Usually we plant ourselves in and around Santa Fe, but this time we explored the southwest part of the state. We spent time in Albuquerque, Truth or Consequences and Silver City, NM.

Herman on the trail

While hiking above Silver City at the Bear Mountain Lodge, Herman pulled a muscle in his calf and was experiencing pain, decreased mobility, and muscle stiffness. He feels that this sports injury occurred due to the lack of pre-stretching, cool weather and that we were hiking at high altitude. Lucky for him, I came prepared: acupuncture needles, essential oils and arnica gel at hand. After one treatment he was experiencing 90% less painĀ and then a few days later he had another treatment and was virtually back to normal.

Anna on the trail.

Enjoy your day, Anna