Hello Spring!

By: Anna PantuDSCN1521so-Plenzick, D.O.M., L.Om.

Every season has a flavor or a tone. The change of seasons offer each of us an opportunity for change, growth and for new beginnings with in ourselves, our families, home, work and community. As we go about our daily activities much newness is available for us every step of the way.

We have made the huge transition through the quiet and stillness of Winter and have emerged into a more active state of being. The birds are singing, the air and sky are different, flowers are blooming and everything around us seems new again. We have even made it through the time change.

According to Chinese medicine, Springtime is the element of Wood and is a time of planning and for decision making. The Liver and Gall Bladder are the officials. The color is green, taste is sour, voice of shouting, emotions of anger, courage and benevolence. Of course it is the time of the wind.

At our house we have begun to plan our garden. We have already turned the soil to get ready to plant. We have also planned our summer vacation. How about that?

Reflect on: What are you planning for? How do you want your life to be this Spring? Take some time to connect with or to re-connect with your spirit. How, you ask, does one do this in such a busy world? Take one minute and stopbreath…and ask inwardly. Quiet now, and listen closely. You may relax for a moment, an idea or feeling may come to you. Keeping a journal is another way to connect inwardly.

One way I connect with my spirit is by going out into nature. A simple ten minute walk can do wonders to de-stress, clear my mind and to re-connect with my Self. That often will give me the space to listen to my inner voice.

Happy Spring, now go hug a tree!