Introducing the Blue Lotus Meditation Group

Earlier this week, Anna and I were discussing our vision for our work at Blue Lotus. At one point, Anna said that she wanted to offer people tools so that they can live vibrantly, and not be burdened by the things life throws at them.

That’s a commitment Anna has always had, and I’ve always admired how well she carries it out. When I heard her say it that day, though, it struck me deeply. Maybe it was time for me to do more.

Many of my friends and acquaintances have been facing difficult circumstances recently, and I’ve meditated with many of them one-on-one to help them get some palpable, embodied relief. But I’ve known that for myself, without a dedicated meditation group, I would not have been able to get over the initial hurdles that appeared for me when I began meditating.

Should you meditate? I don’t know! Do you feel tired in a way that you can’t recover from? Do you ever wish you could take a breather from your mind, your body, or your life circumstances? Does some nameless, placeless thing feel wrong? Do you wish you could reconnect to the freedom, the authenticity, the vibrancy you experienced as a kid? Meditation helped me with these things; it may be helpful to you, as well.

So, if you feel inclined to join us, I invite you to come sit with us. We’ll have chairs, backjacks, and cushions to sit on, and I’ll give some direction for folks who are new to meditating. While my background is Buddhist, I’ve studied forms of meditation from a variety of traditions, and the styles that we’ll be incorporating are open to people of all backgrounds.

There is an incredible richness to being authentic with others. I look forward to being with you.