Is holiday stress wearing you down?

It can show up in different ways. For one person, they may feel like their nervous system is turned up to 11 – like a buzz that won’t let them relax. For another, it’s a vague sense that their body is working against them. Some folks just feel it as pain; others feel like every sensory stimulus is an assault.

It may just be holiday stress. But it may also be what the Five Element school of Chinese medicine refers to as Aggressive Energy.

Anna and I often find it showing up more frequently around the holidays, and not just because Christmas music is blaring everywhere. The increased stress, harsh weather, and strained interpersonal interactions create fertile ground for it to settle in. The most typical causes are prolonged illness, intensive medical treatments, or sustained emotional distress, but sometimes, just the chaos of the weeks after Thanksgiving seems to be enough.

So what is Aggressive Energy?

According to Five Element Acupuncture theory, when our body, mind, or spirit are overwhelmed by harsh or toxic conditions, our energy can turn against itself. The very forces within us which are supposed to nourish us instead attack us.

To drain the Aggressive Energy, there’s a set protocol which uses acupuncture points on the upper, middle, and lower back. It’s an entire treatment in and of itself; if you were to try to treat other conditions during the same treatment, you’d likely feel dizzy or weak.

Clearing Aggressive Energy can have wide-ranging effects, but most typically, people tell me that it’s like they can finally rest again. Of course, everyone is different, and the strength of Chinese medicine is that each treatment is adapted to each person’s unique presentation. So while draining Aggressive Energy is a low-impact treatment that won’t cause harm if someone doesn’t have it, it’s still best used as part of an integrated treatment plan.

So, if you’re feeling off this holiday season, give us a call. Clearing AE may help!